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Meet4tTalk is a knowledge sharing platform for IT professionals interested in broadly defined Cloud Computing. We want to build the community by organizing various events that will connect people working in IT sector.

Our focus is on the following areas:

  • DevOps, CI/CD
  • IaaS, Paas, Saas, IaaC in Cloud
  • Cloud programming
  • Cloud testing
  • Cloud computing and big data
  • Security in the Cloud
  • Azure

But it's not just all about the cloud - if you're a developer or a software tester, you'll also find some interesting topics to learn and discuss.

Join us to be a part of the global Cloud revolution!

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Cows in Cloud

The Cloud (solution) requires a change of mindset from developers and administrators. During his presentation, Sebastian Fyda will explain how to design cloud-based solutions, what are the challenges, and how to deal with them. He will also show the importance of automation and reproducibility of the environment, and say a few words in the broader context of observability.


Internet of Things – a tsunami that will drown testers

Internet of Things – a future getting ever closer to testers with a destructive force. It blows away everyone living in the technological past, raising a question – is there any way to control it? A discussion panel where we talk about threats, opportunities, and chances brought by IoT. About the ups and downs, as well as the industry needs, from the perspective of both testers and consumers.


Sebastian Fyda

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

He has been working with Linux for nearly 20 years, of which 14 years professionally. Five years ago he started his adventure with Azure and architecture of cloud solutions. Being lazy by nature, Sebastian likes automation. He works with Puppet, Salt, Terraform and Ansible. Whatever he builds - if possible – he dockerises basing on CI/CD and then runs on Kubernetes. In his free time he popularises Azure and DevOps methodology and writes techblog ( He is currently working for Synerise S.A.

Marcin Sikorski

Test Engineer

IoT and embedded systems passionate by trade, verifying smart industry products of global brands as a Test Engineer (recently also as a Test Lead) since over 5 years. After hours, an enthusiast of optimization, China, climbing, and culture pulp.


Wroclaw is one of the biggest IT industry centers in our country. It is here where you can get the knowledge in all areas of broadly defined IT. And all this thanks to the groups of people who are eager to share their experience and expertise as well as to motivate you to continue developing yourself. There are plenty of such groups in Wroclaw which attract the professionals and people passionate about new technologies. Geek Week is an event which is organized exactly for such groups. It is a week full of conferences, meetings, speeches given by excellent lecturers, but most importantly it is a week of sharing the knowledge and experience.
The main objectives of the meetings during the GeekWeekWro include:

  • Showing how big IT-passionate community is;
  • Encouraging to share the knowledge and experience as well as to motivate each other both within the groups and the whole event;
  • Openness to new prospective members, people from outside;
  • Showing the essence of integration between the members from different groups;
  • Showing the increasing potential for the development of Wroclaw IT community.

WroclawIT meetup group has been created for those searching for information about events/meetings connected with broadly defined IT sector in Wroclaw. Don't hesitate - join the IT society now and stay up-to-date with interesting IT events!


Monday, 16 April 2018







Cows in Cloud, Sebastian Fyda

Internet of Things – a tsunami that will drown testers, Marcin Sikorski

Pizza, beer


Pub wędrówki

Pub Wędrówki

Pub Podróżniczy Wędrówki
Wrocław, Podwale 37/38


Pub Podróżniczy Wędrówki

Podwale 37/38

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